There are two types of rooms available. Kitchen and tableware are also provided.
Check in 4:00 pm Check out 10:00 am
(Please check in by 6:00 pm)

Maisonette type [23 rooms]

Free to use, 2 floors type that will encourage your sense of fun(accommodate up to 7 guests approximately 63 square meters)

Flat type [32 rooms]

Layout of size that is comfortable for family and couple(accommodate up to 5 guests approximately 45 square)

Each room equipment

Equipment Mini Kitchen, electromagnetic cooker, Cupboard, Refrigerator, Rice Cooker, Electric Pot, Microwave TV, Phone, Bedding (mattress, quilt blanket, pillow), Body soap, Shampoo
Cookware Pan (large, small), frying pan, bowl, bamboo baskets, kitchen knife (large, small), kitchen scissors, cutting board, kitchen chopsticks, food turner, ladle, dipper, water drain basket, can opener, scrubbing brush, sponge, detergent
Tableware Dishes (Large, Medium, Small), Serving plate, Donburi, Owan, Shiruwan, Mugs, Spoons (Large, Small), Knife Spoon (for dessert), chopsticks

※ Please bring yourself toiletries such as towels, toothbrushes and hair dryer, pajamas.

Hotel Charge

2 persons 1 room 3 persons 1 room 4 persons 1 room 5 to 7 persons 1 room
Fee per person

7,000 yen

5,700 yen

5,200 yen

4,700 yen

  • Infants aging 0 to 3 years old are free to stay. Infants aging four years or older and elementary school students (12 years old and younger) are charged 3,100 yen (all year)
  • Group of 2 to 5 guests: Flat type room will be allotted.
  • Group of 6 to 7 guests: Maisonette type room will be allotted.
    (In the case a group of 2 to 5 guests use the Maisonette type room, additional 1,080 yen per room per night will be charged.)
  • Room charge for extended hours is 1,620 yen per hour.
  • Room charge for day trips or rests is 4,320 yen for up to 3 hours per room.

Training camp, education travel room charge

4 years old to 12 years old 13 years old to 22 years old 22 years old over
Half board 6,820 yen 7,480 yen 8,800 yen
Full board 7,590 yen 8,250 yen 9,900 yen

Cancellation charge

10 to 4 days ago 3 to 1 days ago No stay
Cancellation charge 20% of room rate 30% of room rate 50% of room rate