Pizza making Limited to five groups in the morning on weekdays




Want to make your own pizza at Liza Restaurant?
Liza's head chef will teach you how to make a pizza together. You can also take a commemorative photo shoot in front of the Pizza House.

Holding period Limited to weekdays and excludes Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, New Year holidays, Operation closed days.
Experience time from 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Venue Zao Liza Restaurant / Pizza House
Price 3,000 yen (one piece of pizza)
Number of applications

Up to 5 groups (4 people one group)

Reservation Please apply before 9 am on the day (TEL. +81-23-679-2311) Due to the arrangement with other groups, we may not accept your ap-plication. Please check by phone, first.

Please bring your apron.

Experience plan

Good value plan that you can enjoy various experinces including barbecue. From May to October only.

Please apply as a group consists from at least 10 members, such as children's group meeting, sports group, school event, and circles.



Homemade Pizza Experience BBQ experience
Make a piece of pizza in a group of 4 people. Stretch the pizza dough, topping it and baking it for 15 minutes.
Let's enjoy a barbecue party surrounded by nature for the first time with charcoal making!
  • Pizza Experience + BBQ = 3,500 yen / person (approximately 3 hours + free time)
  • BBQ = 3,000 yen / person (approximately 2 hours + free time)

※Same rate applied to adult and child. Apply with 10 or more people.

※Some event will not be accepted according to the reservation situation of the day.

※Please confirm at the time of application for the time schedule of the day.
※The pizza experience is only for the morning.

※Time schedule example (pizza making10:00 am -, BBQ 11:30 pm -)